Thoughts on Summer Reading

Yes, I know that it’s almost July. But summer isn’t over yet! If you’re just getting ready to head out on vacation or if you’ve already finished your stack of summer books, I’ve got a list for you. Some of my favorite books, perfect all year long, yet somehow more enticing in the summer. So in no particular order…

1.) The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie

Image result for tuesday club murders

Honestly, any Agatha Christie novel is perfect. But this one is a bit different. ‘The Tuesday Club Murders’ is a collection of short stories that centers around Christie’s famous amateur detective and master knitter, Miss Marple. The general premise of the book is that Miss Marple attends two parties, listens to tales of murder as told by other guests, and deduces who the killer was. To some this might sound boring, however, there is nothing quite like reading about how a little, old woman solves some of the toughest murders Scotland Yard has ever seen.

2.) Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

Image result for mr penumbra's 24 hour bookstore

This is my favorite book! I read it last summer and could not put it down. It’s the story of Clay, a tech-savvy young man who finds himself unemployed in San Francisco. Until he gets a job at the above-mentioned bookstore. But this isn’t your ordinary bookstore. No one buys anything. They simply borrow some very ancient-looking books. Clay’s curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to uncover the secrets of the bookstore and the ever-mysterious Mr. Penumbra. He finds himself using his computer skills (and the resources of the world’s largest search engine) to solve one of the world’s oldest and greatest mysterious. This is a must-read, for fans of virtually very genre!

3.) Infinite Tuesday by Michael Nesmith

Image result for infinite tuesday

I seriously doubt that you’ve heard of Michael “Mike” Nesmith. There’s a slightly larger chance that you’ve heard of The Monkees, the 60’s group that launched his career. But there’s a big chance you’ve heard their song “I’m a Believer.” ‘Infinite Tuesday’ is Nesmith’s version of an autobiography. When I say “version”, I mean that it is unlike anything I have ever read. It’s hardly in chronological order. In fact, each chapter may span years at a time, but the events that happened are connected. Nesmith discusses his rather humble musical beginnings and spends a small amount of time on his career as a Monkee. This is the story of a man who is determined to tell the world that he did more than just play lead guitar in the “Pre-fab Four”, America’s successful knock-off of the Beatles. Through every chapter, he remains humble and apologetic, trying to insure that everyone involved in his projects gets credit and making note of when fame blinded him. This is the perfect book for lovers of 60’s music, musicians, dreamers, or anyone who wonders how MTV came to be (you can thank Michael Nesmith for that and the creation of the modern music video).

4.) Two-way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Image result for two way street lauren barnholdt

One word: DRAMA! A total teenager book that connects with anyone over the age of 16. Jordan and Courtney are an unlikely high school couple, but yet they’re perfect together. Until Jordan breaks up with her. Unfortunately, the two are going to the same college and planned to road trip to orientation together. It’s too late to change plans. A long the way, secrets are revealed and maybe, just maybe, this teenage romance can be saved. Told from both Jordan and Courtney’s points of view, this novel is a unique and worth-while reading experience.

5.) The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek by Seth Rudetsky

Image result for the rise and fall of a theater geek

As a theater geek myself, this book really calls out to me. Follow high school student Justin as he tries to learn the ins and outs of Broadway life during a summer internship under a hot-shot TV-star-turned-Broadway-baby. This is a more simple read, with lots of laughs, theater, and reminders of what it’s like to be an awkward teenager and that internships aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Perfect for a weekend binge-read or for a few days on the beach.

And that’s it! My little list of summer reads. Let me know if you plan to read one of these, or share with me what you’re currently reading!

End of thought.




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