Thoughts on ‘Logan’

*SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS* If you haven’t seen ‘Logan’ and want to remain relatively spoiler-free, I suggest that you turn back now. I have many feels that I want to deal with. Why? Because it’s my blog, that’s why.

First of all, I want to take a second to address the R-rating. When ‘Deadpool’ came out, people complained about how they couldn’t take their kids to see it. Deadpool isn’t meant for little children. The comics are meant for a older crowd and I applaud the writers for sticking with that. Wolverine isn’t exactly a character for little kids either. I know people were mad because the X-Men movies were more “family friendly” (I use that term lightly) and little Johnny just loves those movies. But you can’t let little Johnny watch ‘Logan’ because it’s insanely bloody and the F-bomb gets dropped constantly. I applaud the writers for doing that. Wolverine is a rough character. Of course he smokes, drinks, fights, and swears. By actually featuring that in this movie makes the character more “real” for me. Explanation: I always imagined that when Wolverine is in a fight, it’s bloody. ‘Logan’ was really, freaking bloody. Decapitations all around! To me, you’re seeing the real character, the real Wolverine as he’s depicted in the comics.

I absolutely loved the family unit feeling of Charles Xavier, Logan and Laura. It felt like a very dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless. Logan actually uses as part of sort of cover story when invited to dinner by a family they meet on the road. Logan introduces Charles as his father (which in my opinion, Charles was definitely a father-figure for him) and Laura as his daughter (which she is, seeing as how scientists used his DNA to create her).

The music! In one of the trailers, the Johnny Cash song “Hurt”  was used. It was one of the last songs Cash ever recorded. I feel that it was fitting for the trailer. At this point, everyone knew that this was the last time Hugh Jackman would be playing Wolverine. The song goes along with the idea that Logan is not proud of the man he’s been. In the credits, the Johnny Cash song “The Man Comes Around” was used. Essentially, this song is about the second coming of Christ, but to me it also signifies the end of an era and in the case of ‘Logan’, the end of the Wolverine.

I cried. A lot. For anyone who’s reading this that hasn’t seen the movie and intends to do so, I recommend that you stop reading now. Seriously. You’re still reading? Okay, but I warned you! I started tearing up when X-24 (the “soul-less” mutant created from Logan’s DNA) killed the Munson family so he could take Laura. The tears really started to flow when Charles died because X-24 stabbed him. I cried even more when Logan buried him near a pond (mainly because Logan started tearing up and I suddenly understood just how much of a father-figure Charles was to him). I bawled my eyes out at the end. Watching Logan die broke my heart. What broke my heart even more was Laura. Tough-as-nails, bad-guy-killing, didn’t-speak-until-3/4-of-the-way-through-the-movie-and-at-first-it-was-just-in-Spanish Laura. The only family she had ever known were the other kids in the facility where they were raised. She was with Logan when he died and she called him “Daddy.” This little girl, whose temper easily matched that of the legendary Wolverine’s, was watching the man, that she had accepted as her father, die. That broke me. That beautiful, tragic moment broke me.

I loved ‘Logan’ so much. Yes, I got my heart broken and I was in tears, but it was completely worth it. I have a deep love for the X-Men. ‘X2’ was the first superhero movie I ever saw. Yes, I’m aware that’s the second one, I eventually saw the first one. I love all of the X-Men movies. I even love ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ (I know it screwed up everything, but it was funny). Wolverine is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe, with Black Widow being a close second. While I’m rather sadden Hugh Jackman will never again put on the claws, I’m happy that they finally gave his character peace, even if that peace meant his death. I applaud everyone who worked on ‘Logan’. It was an incredible movie. Even if you don’t like superhero-related movies, I recommend watching it. It’s an emotionally charged, action packed film with an incredibly talented cast (I would love to see Dafne Keen reprise her role as Laura/X-23 someday) and you will not be bored for one second.

End of thought.


Wolverine by Le Hénanff Fabrice:                                             Artwork by Le Henanff Fabrice


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