Thoughts on Choices

Happy Monday! I am really tired. I have no idea why. I had a cup of coffee before I went to class and then I had a chai latte after class. That sounds like a lot of caffeine, now that I think about it. Oops. Moving on!

Let’s talk about choices. We make choices everyday (example: what to wear, what to eat etc). Those are the simple choices. I’m choosing to listen to 80’s music while I type this post. It’s simple and requires little to no effort.

And then there’s other choices. There’s the choices that can affect your day, like choosing to have a certain attitude. I chose to remain in a snarky mood today, which prompted equally snarky texts from a friend. I chose to have a certain attitude and my day was altered because of it. You can choose happiness and optimism. I actually recommend it. It might make your life, as a whole, a bit brighter.

Of course, I have to mention the hard choices. The ones that we don’t like. These definitely impact our lives. In August, I had to make the (at the time, heartbreaking) decision to not attend school in Chicago, a city that I have fallen in love with. Instead, I went to community college. And I’ve come to realize that making that choice was a blessing. I have met some amazing people that have become really good friends. I’m still near my high school friends (some of which are still in high school, others who go to colleges that are a lot closer than Chicago). I’ve had the opportunity to become closer to some older friends in a way that would probably not have happened if I had moved to Chicago. Plus I saved a crap-ton of money.

Hard choices are just that; they’re hard. But even if we feel unsure or nervous about our choices, they can work out for the best. I’m not saying make hasty decisions. Think, consult, pray, whatever you need to do to make educated choices. Chances are, things will end in a good place.

End of thought.



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