Thoughts on Queen…

AKA my favorite Queen songs! For anyone who has never heard of Queen (that must be a pretty thick rock that you live under), they were a British rock band that was big from the mid-1970s until the 1990s. Lead singer Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991. Honestly, Queen has never stopped being big. Their music is legendary.

Disclaimer: I tried to make this a top-ten favorite list, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t cut any of these songs from this list. So here they are, my fifteen favorite Queen songs, in no particular order:

1) The Show Must Go On: If I had to officially rank these songs, this one would probably be near the top. It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece about how sometimes we have to fake a smile and continue on, regardless of how we actually feel. Also, I love the ‘Moulin Rouge’ version.

2) Seven Seas of Rhye: Honestly, this song doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But it’s catchy and has a fun tambourine bit.

3) Killer Queen: Another catchy tune and one of Queen’s early hits (1974, to be more exact). Every time I hear it, I start choreographing a tap dance routine in my head. I have no idea why.

4) Bohemian Rhapsody: Ok, does this one need an explanation? It’s Bohemian freaking Rhapsody.

5) We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions: These songs get to share the number five slot, as they’re usually played one right after the other on the radio. ‘We Will Rock You’, of course, features that famous rhythm *stomp stomp clap*. ‘We Are The Champions’ is smoother and just as good. Go to a sporting event. I’ll bet you’ll hear these played at some point.

6) Somebody to Love: Another song that would be near the top of a ranked list. ‘Somebody to Love’ features a gospel choir, which I feel is what makes this song so popular. It’s different. But then, Queen was never like other bands of the time.

7) Fat Bottomed Girls: Another catchy song that I love to sing along to. However, there are moments where my brain insists on really listening to the lyrics. Then I get a little uncomfortable. But it’s still one of my favorites.

8) Another One Bites the Dust: I’ve got to be honest; I never really listened to this song until the Hillywood Show released the Walking Dead parody. If you don’t know what that is, look it up on YouTube. They gave me a new appreciation for this song.

9) Don’t Stop Me Now: I love this song so much. It starts out simply, just the piano and Freddie Mercury’s gorgeous voice. And then *BOOM* an upbeat explosion of sound! Eventually the song comes full circle, returning where it started: the piano and Freddie Mercury.

10) Under Pressure: From their 1982 album Hot Space comes another one of my top favorites: ‘Under Pressure.’ The lyrics are what really get me. Freddie Mercury belts out “Why can’t we give love that one more chance?” The response: “Cause love’s such an old fashioned word/And love dares you to care for/The people on the edge of the night/And love dares you to change our way of/Caring about ourselves.” Essentially, it’s calling out humanity for taking the easier path of hatred instead of making an effort to love.

11) Radio Ga Ga: This one is just catchy.

12) One Vision: This song is full of deep, meaningful lyrics all about being one people. And then it ends with two less meaningful words: “Fried chicken.” End of story.

13) I’m Going Slightly Mad: Another song where I love the lyrics, specifically in verse two: “This kettle is boiling over/I think I’m a banana tree.” Also, look up the music video. If ever a video actually fit a song, then this is it. Plus there’s a penguin in it and I like penguins.

14) Who Wants to Live Forever: If you’ve seen the movie ‘Highlander’, then you’re familiar with this song (I also just realized that I own that movie but have never watched it). This is one of Queen’s most powerful and most haunting songs. I get chills listening to it.

15) No One But You (Only the Good Die Young): The surviving members of Queen recorded this song in 1997, six years after Freddie Mercury’s death. Drummer Roger Taylor and lead guitarist Brian May (who also wrote the song) shared lead vocals. It’s a beautiful song and it makes me cry.

And that’s it. Those are my top fifteen Queen songs. Honorary song: Thank God It’s Christmas. I didn’t want anyone to get mad at me for including a Christmas song in a blog post written in February. Let me know what your favorite Queen songs are and don’t get too mad if they didn’t make my list.

End of thought.


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