Thoughts on Boredom

Grant me a moment to vent: I have a tendency to not check my email before I go to bed. And I usually don’t check my email first thing in the morning. I really need to start. Why? Because I overslept this morning (I’ve actually overslept everyday this week) and left the house late. This resulted in me showing up three minutes late for my 8:30 class..only to find out that it had been cancelled…last night. If I had bothered to check my email, I would’ve seen that and I could’ve slept in. Instead, I spent two and a half hours in the closest Starbucks working on my geography homework. Which was more productive than sleeping in. But that’s not the point.

The point is: What does that have to do with boredom? Not much, except that it leads up to the part of my day that was actually boring. I went back to campus half an hour early and decided to just sit. Well, not just sit. I spent a few minutes looking at the weirdest piece of art on campus (it involves Yoda smoking a cigar and…other stuff. I’m pretty sure it was created by a student on a bad acid trip). That got boring fast. So I worked on my”selfie game” (I hope I’m using that phrase in the right context. Is it even still in style?), but only when there was no one else in the hallway.

And then I remembered something a friend once said to me: “Boredom is a sign of a feeble mind.” Frankly, I don’t consider myself feeble-minded. Which leads me to believe that there are two types of boredom.

Type A Boredom: When you convince yourself that there is nothing to do, even though you’re probably staring down a pile of unfinished paperwork/homework/housework etc. and you’re just feeding your procrastination.

Type B Boredom: When you have a free moment and don’t have a desire to do anything productive, so you decide to “just be” (a term that means something different to everyone) but call it being bored. This boredom doesn’t last long, as it’s usually interrupted by Life.

I know for a fact that I’ve experienced both types of “boredom.” This afternoon in the hallway was an example of type B. And I don’t mind. It was pleasant. It doesn’t mean that I’m feeble-minded. It means that I took a moment to “just be.” Whatever that means.


Here’s my view of the weirdest piece of art on campus:


End of thought.


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