Thoughts on Friends

Note: Before I dive headfirst into this post, I want to take a moment to remember two brilliant actors that we lost this week. One of my heroes, Mary Tyler Moore, passed away on Wednesday. She was a brilliant actress who portrayed characters that inspired women everywhere. And also, John Hurt, who passed away on Friday. He portrayed many memorable characters, such as the Elephant Man, Olivander and the War Doctor. May we remember their brilliant work for years to come.

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way…”No, I’m not going to spend this whole post discussing the classic TV show Friends. I’ll save that for another post. The friends that I want to discuss are my friends. And, to some extent, your friends. Let me explain.

Think about your friends. Who are they? How did you meet? Why are you friends? Don’t dwell on these too long, you might hurt your brain, especially if you have a lot of friends.

For me, my friends are all kinds of people. Some are students, some are in ministry, some are nurses or therapists. I have friends that are juniors in high school and friends that are almost thirty years old. It helps that I have an old soul (aka, I have a tendency to act like I’m 64, so I get along with older crowds). I met them in all sorts of ways. But the best part is, when I first them, I didn’t know that we would be friends. I don’t think anyone meets a person and immediately knows that they’ll be friends. I didn’t know that these people would be such blessings in my life. That is something that I have discovered along the way. They have seen me on both my good and bad days. They have seen me when I’m being hard on myself for every choice I’ve ever made and they have seen me when I feel empowered and want to crush the patriarchy.

Friends are great treasures to have, aren’t they? They keep your secrets, they know your dreams, they listen to your rants. They see your dark side and yet still love you. Real friends, anyway. They’re there for you. And sometimes, they become more like family. If you ask my parents, I have one sister. If you ask me, I’m likely to say that I have one biological sister, five “adopted” sisters, and four “adopted” brothers. In my mind, my family is a lot bigger than what my parents think it is.

What this boils down to, is that you should thank your friends. Thank them for being there for you, for trusting you. Thank them for laughing at your stupid jokes. Thank them for offering a hug or a smile. Tell them that you love them, especially if you consider them family. Because friends are blessings and life is uncertain. Count your blessings and be thankful for them, before time runs out.

End of thought.

One more thing: You might be wondering why there is a picture of Mongolian chicken in this post. I had lunch with my friend Cambry yesterday. When we got our food, I whipped out my phone and asked her to forgive for being petty and taking a picture of said food. Her response: “No, go ahead. Actually, you should blog it.” So shout out to Cambry for suggesting I blog my Chinese food. You rock.20170127_111543


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