Thoughts on Thinking

You know what I do a lot of? Thinking. Actually, I probably do too much of it. Why do I think that? See, there I go again with the thinking. I over think. I over think a lot. Like, I’m pretty sure I could be a PhD in over thinking. And in procrastinating. And impatience. Unfortunately, I can’t get a PhD in any of those things *sighs audibly*.

Lately, I’ve been over thinking every aspect of my life. Trying to figure out my future, mostly. What school I’m going to transfer to, if my major is really what I’m meant to do and other things. And then there’s the fact that sometimes I feel utterly useless, like I’m just stuck at a point and there is no growth. I’m really good at over thinking that and letting it drag me down. And of course, the age-old question: why am I single? I’m good at finding a thousand things “wrong” with me. Although, I have gotten to a point where I’m usually able to turn those things into assets.

But I realized today that my over thinking was making me miserable. Something had to change. So I got back on my mat. I used to do yoga a lot and I loved it. But I haven’t been on the mat since August, which is kind of disappointing. Today I took a few minutes to revisit my favorite poses and then meditate. And you know what? It was great. I’m currently staring at a stack of homework, but I’m not stressed about it. Nor have I weighed all the possible outcomes of the math test that I took this morning. Actually, I’m feeling really good about that test.  I’m just in a nice, relaxed mood right now.

Looks like I’ve found a new goal for myself. To get back on the mat. Probably not everyday, but more often than I had been (which was never). To take some time to breathe and find a little peace. To slow my brain down. To stop over thinking.

End of thought.



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