Thoughts on Talent…

Talent. What is it? A three second Google search tells me that talent is a noun that means natural aptitude or skill. So for anyone who wants a textbook definition, there you go. Everyone has a talent. Maybe it’s writing or playing a sport or dancing. Maybe your talent is being super crazy organized. If that is your talent, please come organize my life, thanks. Maybe your talent is being a good listener. Everyone has a talent. Many people may have the same, general talent. Example: there are many talented dancers. But how they express their talent is what makes it their own. Michael Jackson and Fred Astaire were both very gifted dancers, but one was not a carbon copy of the other. They had their own styles, their own ways of expressing their talent.

Harnessing your talent can be tricky. You may know that you have some sort of ability but have no idea how to put it into action. What you have to understand about talent, is that it’s a gift that has been woven into your soul by whatever higher power you believe in. When you use your talent, you are reflecting your passions, choices, loyalties and dreams. You are reflecting your soul. It’s apart of your identity. To say that you don’t have a talent is to say that you have no identity.

Reflecting your soul…ok, that’s kind of a scary concept. That’s an intimate thing to put on display. What would make a person want to do that? One word: muse. It’s what gives you inspiration to create, to do. Maybe your muse is your soul mate, or your favorite place on earth, or a concept like peace. Whatever inspires you is your muse. Having a muse makes it easier to reflect your soul. For me, my muse changes from project to project. It’s usually a person. When I’m playing with an idea, I notice that certain memories begin to click with it. As the process continues, I can usually pick out a person that is most associated with these ideas. Something about them resonates with my project. Next thing you know, I have my muse. It’s different for everyone, but whatever you are doing, having a muse helps.

Don’t be scared to display your talents. Find your muse. Do the work. Reflect your soul. Create new beauty in the midst of our crazy existence. Be the best, most unique you that you can be.

End of thought.

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